You are the most incredible person, not only for your impeccable taste, attention to detail and creative ideas, but for your warmth and sincerity in working with me so closely this year. You created the most magnificent wedding for us, beyond what I even imagined.
We have not come down from our high and we are still reeling with excitement from Melissa and Ben’s wedding. It was a complete dream! Absolutely Magical, thanks to you and your incredible team.
From our first meeting with you to walking into Lesley and Jeremy’s bridal suite after the wedding to see it decorated with flowers and rose petals that you and your staff had arranged, confirmed over and over in our minds and hearts that working with you was the absolutely perfect decision. You and your staff have been professional, attentive and reactive to all of our requests and desires. We could not have been happier.
Pearl and Joel
Hard to believe that it’s been a year since we called you and asked you to help in the planning of Michelle ad Brett’s wedding. We certainly made the right decision! From the very beginning we felt confident that every detail would be taken care of in an organized, creative and professional manner. What we didn’t know then is how much fun it would be to work with you and how much all of us would enjoy the entire process.
Laurie and Grant
Words cannot possibly express our appreciation for everything you did to make Lauren and Josh’s wedding everything we and they hoped it would be. Every choice you suggested for the location to the band to the florist was perfect. They got exactly the wedding they dreamed of. There seemed to be nothing that couldn’t be done, changed, tweaked or fixed!
From the beginning you honored Elissa’s artistic dreams and our family budget. You became a very trusted member of our family team. Your consistent availability, calmness, decisiveness and generosity made every aspect of our event a pure joy.
Luanne and Reid
Because of all your hard work, efforts, patience and upbeat conversations with us, this truly was a memorable experience for the entire Klein family. As a matter of fact, many friends sent us notes telling us not only how beautiful the wedding was, but how disappointed they were that we did not have another daughter so there could be one more Klein wedding. How happy that would have made me to work with Reva and all of you again.
Bruce and I are so excited about Abigail and Mark’s wedding! All the wonderful compliments we heard about you are true and more. I love the calm that you create around you.
Tina and Bruce
Thank you all for making the wedding of Jori and Danny so spectacular! You are a wonderful team of dedicated professionals. It is because of all of you that no stone is left unturned. You right every wrong. You have probably guessed that I am a micro-manager. It is not easy for me to release my tight hold. Somehow, you used the "jaws of life" and allowed me to relax and take a breath. Thank you again for making dreams a reality.
How do we put into words how wonderful Kimmy and Seth’s wedding was unbelievably fantastic! We can’t begin to thank you enough for everything - your hard work, your terrific input, your constant calm (needed many times), and especially your personal caring touch, which made the whole process much better.
Sandy and Laurie
Whoever has a wedding without even one complaint? We did. Our guests were so effusive in their praise. Howard and I truly appreciate your incredible efficiency, competence, creativity, patience and warmth.
In my professional and private life I have had the opportunity to work with some of the finest event planners in the industry. I consider you the best I have ever worked with.
Ronald and Tina
From the professionals you recommended, to the professionalism of you and your entire organization, we couldn’t be more pleased. We felt at all times that the bond we had with you going back to the girls’ Bat Mitzvah you felt too.
Iris and Steve
I will be talking about you to everyone!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Most of all, the true friendship that you have shown the entire Holland family for many years is as valued as the gorgeous arrangements you create.
You are undoubtedly the best in the business and you represent the epitome of professionalism as you quietly represent yourself as caretaker and friend. You have become a model of poise and exceptional talent, taste and superior professionalism in a business where mediocrity has become an acceptable norm.
I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism, creativity, guidance, honesty and friendship. As much as I cannot believe I will do this again in 2 years, I look forward to working with you again. You are simply the best.
We rave about your abilities as a consultant and as a great person to whoever will listen. We have become your biggest fans. Thank you for making our dream become a reality.
Susan and Jeffrey